Public take heed warning

Mereseini Vuniwaqa. Picture: FILE

TWENTY-three people have returned their M-PAiSA cards under the HOMES-CARE assistance, says Minister for Women, Children and Poverty Alleviation Mereseini Vuniwaqa. She said people were listening to Government’s warning about dishonest applicants.

“We are still stressing on the key messages, on the aim of this assistance and the honesty that’s needed from the applicants,” she said.

“In fact I could see that some people had left after we made that announcement again and it’s encouraging to see that people are making way for those that really need help.

“Apart from that, I’ve been receiving calls from people wanting to return their cards and so far we’ve got 23 back with us.

“The amnesty period is also working and people are returning their cards before the amnesty period is over.”

She added that they expected more people to return their M-PAiSA cards.

Meanwhile, in Ba yesterday, Mrs Vuniwaqa said advisory councillors had assisted the ministry in identifying people from the same family.

She said they were grateful to the community leaders for stepping up to help the ministry. Ba District Advisory chairman Yogesh Navind Chand said about 20 advisory councillors from Ba were at the market grounds where the assistance was being distributed.

“As advisory councillors we are the eyes and ears of the Government and it is our duty to ensure that each family that is from an affected area is assisted,” he said.

“We have caught about five people already who were lining up trying to get a number and apply for the assistance,” he added.

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