Public speaking

THANK you Imo Sagoa of Nepani F/T 24/04/15 for your views and comments regarding public speaking.

In addition to your letter, I would like to elaborate more on the same subject.

In any effective public speaking assignment, first one has to find out what the subject he or she is going to talk about. One needs to believe in his or her message before the audience can believe in it. One has to have passion before one steps up to the podium. One has to be enthusiastic and excited about sharing his or her ideas, thoughts and impressions with other people.

When the speakers really have a message in their head and heart, an inner urge to speak, they are almost sure to do themselves credit.

When speaking, one does not need to believe in only the message, but believe in themselves.

First thing you need to do is visualise yourself giving a successful speech.

Imagine that you are standing in front of an appreciative audience, listening and who relate to your interesting talk, which you deliver with clarity and confidence. Visualise your audience applauding you. It will help instil self-confidence.

The success of your speech depends on your effective communication. Establish eye contact with your audience.

Use every day conversational language. Avoid a stentorian tone and use words that most people are familiar with.

In any public speaking, preparation is very important. This way you will be more at ease when you stand at the podium and deliver your speech.

During any public speaking engagement, one will need to understand the audience is listening.

One will need to be mindful of the time and structure of his or her speech.

It is essential to engage the audience.

Obviously skills are evaluated by how well one performs in front of any crowd during public speaking.


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