Public safety

DIWALI, the Festival of Lights will bring with it a lot of movement, particularly vehicles on our roads.

And the Fiji Police Force has issued a stern warning to all drivers to be vigilant as members of the public will be out in numbers celebrating with firecrackers.

Director traffic SSP Mahesh Mishra urges the public to immediately report any crime and suspicious activities around their neighbourhood to the nearest police station during this festival of lights.

He said the force would continue to monitor the roads as they anticipated a lot of movement of vehicles, people and pedestrians.

“We’re requesting the public to be vigilant while on the road,” said SSP Mishra.

“They need to take safety measures while travelling on the road too especially during the volume of traffic. If people have planned activities, appointments or attending functions at a certain time, they need to plan properly rather than rushing or speeding up to reach their destination on time.”

SSP Mishra said inconsiderate drivers need to understand and respect other road users. He said as one of the reasons of road congestion, the forces would be anticipating a lot of people doing shopping, travelling and movement during this Diwali.

“We would like all our drivers to be considerate of other motorists rather than being inconsiderate by travelling at lower speed or by blocking or stopping where they are not supposed to be stopping,” he said.

“This applies to all types of vehicle, bus, taxi and everybody.”

“A lot of people will be flocking out of towns or cities and since Monday is a public holiday, we are also anticipating a lot of people going for picnics, functions and more Diwali celebrations. People need to be responsible and they need to ensure they don’t take the law into their own hands as far as safety is concerned,” he said.

“We do not anticipate people to play firecrackers while travelling in vehicles and have noticed previously people start playing and that is a serious offence and they can cause serious accidents and injuries to other road users.

“Drivers should pay 100 per cent attention and we will see to it that they will.”

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