Public disturbance

Can the Fiji Police Force step up patrols around the area behind a certain shop in Martintar, Nadi please.

This patch was developed recently for commercial purposes, but has been vacant for quite some time now and has become a popular drinking spot for party revellers.

This is a nightly occurrence in the area and more than often the parties extend into the daylight hours.

The barrage of foul language and associated commotion emanating from these dipsomaniacs is an outright disturbance to nearby residents.

Many calls have gone unanswered by phone. Even a physical visit to the Nadi Police Station has not induced the desired results.

Residents in the area deserve a peaceful sleep after a hard day’s work and this will only be possible if the responsible authority takes up its civic duty of keeping the peace in the mentioned neighbourhood.

Thanking you in advance FPF.

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