Psychologist highlights factors that lead to rape

THERE are a number of factors that lead to rape and to minimise risks, parents should be extra careful in who takes care of their children, says psychologist and University of the South Pacific lecturer, Ofa Swann.

“It can be because of boredom, anger, retribution, bitterness,” she said.

“These are just some emotions that are bottled up in these individuals who commit these terrible acts. There could be other factors as well.”

Ms Swann said parents should be more vigilant about who they left their children with.

“Another avenue would be with parents who leave their children in someone else’s care who uses this opportunity to abuse the child. There are no longer ‘stranger danger’ cases — in fact it is those whom we supposedly trust that harm us.

“I believe we need to look very closely at our relatives and ask the question ‘do I trust you with my children?'”

The psychologist added that once convicted and sentenced, the perpetrators needed intensive counselling to understand why they committed the act and to prevent future events from occurring.

“More emphasis on therapy is needed. This ought to be in the sentencing of the perpetrator who really needs help.

“Instead of just sentencing a perpetrator the courts ought to look at continued therapy in these cases,” Ms Swann said.

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