Provincial concerns

TEENAGE pregnancies and other social issues facing our rural youths were highlighted to the Youth Minister Laiseni Tuitubou during his visits to the 14 provinces around the country in the past few months.

These pressing issues, the minister highlighted, would be compiled and sent to ministries concerned, for instance to the Ministry of Social Welfare, so problems faced by youths in rural areas could be addressed.

“We took a new approach since last October and that was to go directly to our clients — the youths of this country so we can discuss problems they face,” Mr Tuitubou said.

“This was how we were able to hear from them and discuss with them the way forward and what they need to do when they face youth problems or when they need assistance.

“The feedback from these youths and the communities have been very positive as we try to empower and train youths to lift their daily lives, especially those in the rural settings.”

Mr Tuitubou said during their visit, they were able to establish that some youth groups were active on the ground.

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