Provincial capital to relocate

HONIARA – Under threat from climate change and global warming, the authorities of Taro Island in the Solomon Islands have decided to relocate in first such case in Pacific islands.

Taro Island, which is the capital of Solomon’s Choiseul province, is home to 500 people and lies less than two meters above sea level.

The mounting pressures of climate change and global warming are so severe that the entire population is relocating with its facilities to the mainland.

Engineers, academics and town planners have joined in order to create an extensive plan for the settlement of the community.

The Solomon Islands and other small island nations in the Pacific are among the most susceptible to global warming and climate change.

Since 1993, the sea level around the islands has been increasing by approximately 8mm every year, three times faster than the global average. The 2007 tsunami led to disruption to a quarter of the 90,000 population, and killed more than 50 people.

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