Protocol, a means for cultures to relate to each other: Haddad

Participants during the closing of the Training of Trainers in Protocol & Consular Services workshop in Suva on Wednesday, May 16, 2018. Picture: JONACANI LALAKOBAU

PROTOCOL is not an indulgence of itself, it is a meaning for which people of all cultures can relate to each other.
This was the message highlighted by the Deputy New Zealand High Commissioner, Halia Haddad, at the conclusion of the Trainers for Training in protocol and consular services held in Suva yesterday.
Ms Haddad said the diplomatic world could promote a specific anxiety that came with dealing with protocols.
“It can sound strict, old fashion, mysterious all at the same time and I certainly felt that way when I first joined the New Zealand foreign ministry and discovered that foreign policy also involved writing the sitting plan, arranging motorcades and enlisting orders of the residents,” Ms Haddad said.
More than 50 staff from various government ministries, including the Office of the President, Ministry of Civil Service, Fiji Police Force, Fiji Corrections Services, Ministry of i-Taukei Affairs, Ministry of Defence and National Security, Republic of the Fiji Military Forces, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs were part of the six-day training.

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