Protein boost for league reps

Ram Sami and Sons Ltd business development manager Abdul Shameer, second from left, and FNRL acting chief executive officer Don Natabe, second from right, at the partnership announcement in Suva yesterday. Picture: ATU RASEA

A delight for Fiji National Rugby League yesterday with one of the biggest egg suppliers in the country helping improve the health of Fiji Bati members and local rugby league players.

Thanks to Ram Sami and Sons Ltd, Fiji rugby league players, especially Fiji Bati and members of the FNRL Elite Pathway squad will now enjoy Ram Sami eggs to help boost their protein level.

The assistance was announced yesterday by FNRL acting chief executive officer Don Natabe and Ram Sami and Sons Ltd business development manager, Abdul Shameer.

“We are extremely delighted to welcome onboard Ram Sami and Sons Ltd as one of the FNRL community and pathways partners. They support one of our key programs which is the elite pathway,” Natabe said.

The program has senior players from the three FNRL regions across the border.

“This is timely as next year is an important year because of the schedules of the Rugby League World Cup in the preparation of our local players.

Ram Sami is in for a long term relationship that we hope to build into the future.”

The partnership will see the company supplying eggs to help in the players’ diets.

Shameer said the partnership was the company’s inaugural help to the FNRL.

“At Ram Sami, this is one of our key values which is corporate responsibility to all Fijians.

“This is a unique program because all the while we had been involved in other sports.

“This is the first time Ram Sami and Sons have partnered with FNRL and its elite program.

“This is a stepping stone in grassroots development and we are happy that the Rami Sami eggs will provide the needed protein for players and the team for the Rugby League World Cup.”

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