Protector of Paradise contest comes to Fiji

WWF officer North Opeti Vateitei (left) and a Naqumu villager in Macuata sort out plastic waste at the village. Picture: SUPPLIED

SEVEN Protector of Paradise Environmental Tourism Contest finalists will converge to Fiji on June 2 to start the next stage of the competition.

According to the Ministry of Fisheries, finalists will take part in tourism and environmental challenges, to heighten awareness about coral reefs, ecosystems, plastic pollution and global warming while showcasing the beauty of the Fiji Islands.

They will share their journey via social media and be filmed as part of Creative 7’s TV Series.

The finalists will explore the Fiji Islands as a Protector of Paradise, carry out tourism and environmental challenges and among other activities, take pictures, blog, vlog, present, be filmed as part of Creative 7’s TV Series.

The Ministry of Fisheries is a co-sponsor of the event.

The finalists that will be traveling to Fiji will engage in beach and mainland clean-ups, making jewellery from ocean plastics to raise funds for ocean projects and give income to locals, come up with better solutions for recycling plastic from islands, connect recyclers for bottle pick-ups, connect recyclers and machines to help pick up more ocean plastics and make products and get rid of one use plastics such as straws.

They will also work with the ministry to highlight endangered species and projects to help them repopulate.

The finalists will be in Makogai Island on June 6 and the Ministry of Fisheries will be highlighting the work they carry out as well as exchange ideas with them on the way forward.

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