Proper Hindi

I FULLY agree with David Sushil Lal’s view regarding the teaching of proper Hindi language in schools.

All of our Hindu vedas, shaastr and purans were written in Sanskrit.

A lot of them were later translated in to Hindustani language by various learned gurus for us normal beings to understand, digest and lead a fruitful life with its teachings.

If we do away with proper Hindi education then our young generation will never be able to read, digest and lead a life according to the teachings of the Ramayan or the Bhaghwat Geeta.

There are a lot of people trying to promote Fiji Hindi without realising the long-term repercussion. The demise of proper Hindi will lead our children nowhere.

They won’t understand the scriptures and its teachings. I wonder why the Sanatan Dharm, Purohit Sabha, Arya Samaj and Sangam are mum on this issue.

Do the promoters of Fiji Hindi have their own Tulsidas and Vedapvyas to translate all the vedas, shaastr purans and mantras into Fiji Hindi for the future generations? I don’t think so, and I find this a totally ridiculous and foolish obsession of some.

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