‘Projects need passion’

A sectoral review conducted by the northern development program revealed 84 per cent of its 2022 projects had been operating successfully.

NDP manager Waisale Tuidama said most of the projects which failed were commercial-based.

Mr Tuidama said these included sewing, vending in markets and canteens businesses in villages.

“One thing we found out is that these commercial-based projects needed commitment and passion,” he said.

“Also most of those that applied for funding for such projects did so for the sake of receiving grants.

“Such projects need commitment because they deal with the day-to-day management of money.

“Most of these failed projects did not succeed because business owners failed to manage money that came into their projects.”

Mr Tuidama said most canteen projects in villages had failed.

“When compared with agricultural projects, they were more successful and operating well,” he said.

“One of the common agricultural projects that we are funding at the moment is vegetable farming and those involved are quite successful.

“The underlying truth is that whether it is a commercial or agricultural-based project they need commitment and passion.

“Therefore we carry out reviews on the various projects we fund.”

Mr Tuidama said since the implementation of the program 10 years ago, it had come a long way providing northerners with a means to develop their lives, families, communities and the division as a whole.

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