Projects boost economy

ABOUT $50million being invested in proposed and ongoing development projects around Volivoli, Ellington and Nacilau is expected to boost Rakiraki Town’s economy, says interim special administrator Ralulu Cirikiyasawa.

“Most of the projects in these areas are tourist oriented,” he said.

“The areas that we are talking about are located 15 minutes from the town.

“Rakiraki is sandwiched between these areas so once these developments come through, Rakiraki will benefit significantly.”

Mr Cirikiyasawa said business in Rakiraki was booming as well, with hardware group Kasabia opening its 11th branch in Rakiraki last month.

The revival of the Ra Chamber of Commerce was also proving to be very effective.

“The signs are there and it is very positive.”

Meanwhile, Mr Cirikiyasawa said they were hopeful the Rakiraki bridge would be fixed quickly.

“We hope that by April next year, according to the Chinese engineers, the new bridge will be completed so traffic will flow as usual.

“The Kings Rd will be open again and there will be no detour around the FSC mill.”

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