Project to link farmers to the market

FORTY-ONE villages had benefitted through the Partners in Community Development Fiji’s (PCDF) groundwork projects on agriculture empowerment, says PCDF executive director Tevita Ravumaidama.

Mr Ravumaidama said the newly signed memorandum of agreement (MoA) between the Agriculture Ministry and PCDF would greatly boost their work even further.

“This will be the first year of the program and will go on for four years,” Mr Ravumaidama said.

“It’s more on empowering, training and mostly to change mind-sets of traditional farmers to ensure that they move from subsistence agricultural producers to commercial farmers in the belief that these activities in agriculture can change lives at rural community level.”

Mr Ravumaidama said part of the project was linking farmers to the market, with traders not only locally but overseas as well.

“We will train them through post harvesting seasons and are targeting on high level crops that will greatly benefit the farmers,” he said.

“How to keep the produce long when we make seedlings, all the experts of management , husbandry and also marketing, so it’s a whole expert of running a business.

“So we teach them on value chain by looking at the climate and the type of land they have and offer advice on what should be the best crop to plant.”

Mr Ravumaidama said they were also pushing for high level crops such as vegetables, green ginger and wild turmeric with off season crops like ginger, turmeric or banana that are organic.

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