Project to assess fish, coral health

A BASELINE survey will be conducted in the Northern Lau Group to assess the health of coral and fish communities in the area.

Carried out by the Vatuvara Foundation and the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), the survey will be the first scientific one to be carried out by the Vatuvara Foundation.

A statement from WCS said a team of fish and coral experts would undertake surveys from May 8-16, 2017 on coral reefs around Kaibu, Kanacea, Vatuvara, Yacata and Adavaci islands in Lau and Cakaudrove province.

“Local scientists will collect baseline data on the abundance and diversity of corals and fish species, as well as key invertebrates such as sea cucumbers, wh¬≠ich are an important source of livelihood for local communities,” the statement said.

“The data will be shared with the local communities and used to help establish locally managed marine areas around the islands to support food security and sustainable livelihoods of the people.”

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