Project targets income generation among farmers

THE Ministry of Agriculture is working with 11 communities in the Northern Division through its Sustainable Land Management project using their farms sustainably to generate revenue.

Northern Agriculture Farm Management sector officer Timoci Vakaboro said they were also working with the same communities to sell their crops as commodities for income-generation projects.

Speaking during the Business in Farming workshop that was recently organised in Biaugunu Village, Saqani in Cakaudrove Mr Vakaboro said there was a huge potential in farming.

Referring to their land, Mr Vakaboro told villagers at the workshop that they were sitting on a goldmine that would get them millions if they knew how to use it properly.

Mr Vakaboro said it required a lot of patience and work but it was the easiest way for farmers to earn much needed money.

“We are currently working with farmers who wish to have a yaqona nursery which will also house tissue cultures for improved yaqona species which will be circulated among farmers,” he said.

“During our business in farming trainings we help farmers require that they need to have a target and teach them how to achieve these targets through planned sustainable agricultural practices.

“On the other hand we are also working with 43 women in the village to set up their own vegetable nursery which is also set to rake in revenue for them.”

Mr Vakaboro said their message to communities they have been working with is to change their attitude towards farming.

“Like any employment it has the potential of raking in revenue but people just need to learn how to do this,” he said.

“People just need to stop viewing farming as a way of living if they need to succeed in the agro commercial industry.”

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