Project on track

THE Department of Energy have more than 10 contractors working on rural electrification projects around the country.

Minister for Local Government Parveen Kumar confirmed all rural electrification projects budgeted for in the 2017/2018 Government financial year will be completed within the 2017/2018 financial year.

“As per our proposed plan, the rural electrification program is progressing well.

“We have in fact increased the number of contractors, because we have a lot of electrification projects that needs to be done, that needs to be completed,” Mr Kumar said.

Mr Kumar said in order to get projects completed within the said time frame it was imperative to increase the number of contractors working on the projects.

“So we can only do it if we have more contractors, before, the contractors were a bit hesitant to come on board.

“With proper expression of interest placed in the media, people have put in their interest with the Department of Energy and people have been able to get more contractors in now.”

Mr Kumar said in past years, some projects were postponed because funds had to be diverted elsewhere.

“The number of project this year is as per budget, we are not going to shift away from the project that was allocated in the budget,” Mr Kumar said.

“Before what used to happen things were budgeted but it was diverted to other areas that are not going to happen now,” he said.

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