Progress snapshot

THE Fiji Times was founded on the back of turbulent times in Levuka but that did not stop then 25-year-old George Littleton Griffiths from doing what has now been recorded in the annals of Fiji’s history as a day to remember — The Fiji Times birthday on September 4. Below is the snapshot of how the company progressed over the years:

* At the end of 1909, The Fiji Times headquarters had been moved to Renwick Rd and the press was upstairs, above what is now Narsey’s electrical shop;

* To this day, the Narsey family who bought the premises occasionally refer to the building as the Fiji Times block;

* The Fiji Times company produced a good newspaper and was progressive in outlook. Its overseas service was greatly expanded when Suva became a cable station in 1902;

* The first The Fiji Times sports page appeared on March 6, 1915;

* The company introduced in November, 1911, Fiji’s first typesetting machine, a typograph, fore-runner to the linotype, and added a second in September, 1915;

* In 1962, Sir Alport Barker built a new printing works on Gordon St;

* It was designed by Mr RA Derrick, and at first housed only the printing machinery and provided a paper store;

* In the 1950s, it was remodelled to include The Fiji Times and Herald’s editorial and business offices. The offices of the modern Fiji Times are in the same building; and

* Sir Alport Barker owned and directed the affairs of the Western Pacific Herald and The Fiji Times and Herald for more than 50 years.

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