Program encourages better school waste management

TWENTY-TWO schools from the Western Division took part in this year’s Clean Schools Program, which has developed into a successful initiative that encourages waste management in schools.

The program, which began in 2015, was launched by the Nadi Town Council in partnership with the Japanese International Co-operation Agency (JICA).

While congratulating the winning schools yesterday, Local Government and Environment Minister Parveen Kumar said the number of schools that participated this year indicated the growing interest in recycling and proper waste management by students and teachers.

“The aim of the Clean Schools Program was to introduce a 3R centric system to schools with the following objectives — to give the opportunity for schools to start proper waste management and to target children in creating awareness on the concept of waste minimisation at schools, home and in their communities,” he said.

“Holding such competition, I strongly feel that it motivates the schools and encourages them (students) to keep working on improving waste management in schools and promote environmental education.

“We would like to offer such opportunities and sustain the Clean Schools Program in order to raise children who can build a clean, green and healthy Fiji for now and the future.

“As we are all aware that children are the agents for change, this program is not only about the 3Rs but how it affects the globe in terms of climate change and global warming.”

Mr Kumar said the students had demonstrated that cleanliness not only began at home but also at schools.

“Let us expand on that towards a clean and green environment for all Fiji.”

Sangam Sadhu Kuppuswamy Memorial College took out the main secondary school award while Nadi Primary School won the primary school award.

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