Professional partnerships

Colgate’s success globally and in Fiji is linked to the company’s values that ensure that all our stakeholders, including customers, shareholders, employees, business partners and the national community are cared for. It works towards continually improving and enhancing the quality of life of individuals and communities through a multitude of partnerships and associations:

* Ministry of Health & Medical Services;

* Fiji Dental Association;

* Fiji Oral Health Workers Association;

* FNU School of Dentistry & Oral Health;

* Ministry of Education and

* NGOs.

Colgate’s global oral health education program, ‘Bright Smiles Bright Futures’ (BSBF) has evolved since its launch in Fiji in 1993 from being a primary school program into Colgate’s leading Community Social Responsibility (CSR) reaching the whole Fijian population.

Since its inception in 1993, BSBF has reached over 10 million children in Fiji. BSBF is committed to improving children’s oral health through education and prevention as it was developed to teach children positive oral health habits and basic hygiene practices.

Through the BSBF program, Colgate provides 120,000 toothbrushing kits each year for primary school students in Fiji and another 60,000 kits for community and other oral health promotion programs.

Colgate partnership events with the Oral health professionals include:

‘Mum You First’ program — this initiative was developed by Colgate in partnership with the Ministry of Health & Medical Services in 2013 to help educate mothers and also caregivers & family members on the importance of family support towards developing and instilling good health habits in the lives of our children at an early age. It aims to educate and provide toothbrushing kits to mothers, to ensure that children learn to brush with mum’s assistance and example at home.

Colgate now provides 15,000 kits annually for oral health education to mothers at Maternal Child Health clinics and dental clinics around the country.

National Toothbrushing Day (NTBD) – This event is special to Colgate because research and dental professionals have confirmed that the simple practice of properly brushing our teeth at least twice a day with fluoride toothpaste helps prevent tooth decay and gum disease.

On this day, dental professionals throughout the country and teachers organise group toothbrushing highlighting the importance of proper brushing.

Since its first launch in 2008 with over 62,000 participants, the event has continued to grow annually with over 203,000 registered participants in 2017.

Oral Health month – August is oral health month when Oral Health professionals provide free dental checks and education in communities, private clinics and selected supermarkets. This provides an opportunity to members of the community to receive free consultation and toothbrushing kits provided by Colgate.

Colgate also supports annual dental conferences for continuing education for dental professionals in the Fiji Dental Association and Fiji Oral Health Workers Association.

Every year, the final year dental students conduct dental research and Colgate sponsors two students to present their research at the annual International Association for Dental Research (IADR).

For new professional oral care products, Colgate conducts detailing and sampling to dental professionals.

Every dental clinic in the country is provided with educational posters and materials for patient education.

Colgate greatly values its partnerships with the dental professionals and is happy to be a sponsor for this year’s World Oral Health Day celebration.

Colgate believes everyone deserves a fair chance to create the life they want, for themselves and for their families.

As the #1 Global Oral Care Brand, Colgate helps keep the world smiling by taking care of billions of people with a very strong portfolio of products offering cutting edge solutions to consumers across the full spectrum of needs.

Our belief that “Everyone Deserves a Future they can Smile About” recognises this: we are a brand for everyone.

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