Prius is the best

Veteran taxidriver Sudish Ram, 55, says buying his 1.5L Toyota Prius from automotive retailers Sakura Carz was one of the best decisions he has ever made. He boasts it was the first Prius hybrid of its kind in Fiji at the time and with helpful advice from Sakura Carz he purchased it for his taxi business.
He said his Prius proved it worth compared with his old petrol car that used more fuel when operating his taxi business.
Mr Ram says the 2009 model Prius hybrid has never failed him since he bought it three years ago — in fact it has earned him more money working less hours.
He said the Prius chewed less fuel and has never had any major repairs problem apart for the usually wear and tear such as oil change. “Sakura Carz helped boost my business and since then I bought three more hybrid cars,” he said.
Speaking from his home in Nakasi Mr Ram says the best thing about Sakura Carz is that the company offers backup service for his hybrids and sound advice.
“I know a lot of people have their doubts about Prius hybrids but my testimony is that hybrid cars from Sakura Carz are reliable.
When I bought the car it had 130,000 mileage now three years later it just at 236,000 mileage which is great compared with my old taxi,” he said.
Sakura Carz is a subsidiary company of Motorparts and one of Fiji’s leading auto retailers specialised with second-hand car ranging from SUV, executive cars, hybrids and more. The company boast a wide range of assorted quality vehicles from Japan. From friendly customer service, to easy financial assistance process with less paperwork, you are guaranteed to leave with a smile on your face.
Customers who would like to get a car, need to get an ID, TIN, recent pay slip and recent written bank statement. For people living outside of Suva who are interested to contact Sakura, they can always email them through
“They can email us their documents and phone contact and we can call them back and fill their form here and process it and their loans can be approved before they come down to Suva,” Sakura says.
For more information, visit Sakura Carz at Samabula.

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