Priscilla Queen to be crowned

Members of the Fiji Police Band entertain the crowd at the Digicel Duavata Crime Prevention carnival. Picture SERAFINA SILAITOGA

THE Digicel Duavata Northern Crime Prevention Carnival will crown this year’s Priscilla Queen at Subrail Park in Labasa tonight. Carnival committee chairman Satish Kumar said the festival had been a success so far despite the wet weather.

“More people are turning up in numbers and we expect more people to come in tonight for the crowning as this category attracts a good crowd,” he said.

“We all have a goal with this carnival which is to raise funds for the CCTV cameras for our town.

“Despite the wet weather during the opening of this carnival, we are positive of a successful event by the end of the week.”

The wet weather, however, has affected business for stall owners who have pleaded with the committee for assistance.

Stall owner Venisita Misscooker described the first day as a loss to her business.

“The heavy rain kept customers away on the opening day of this carnival and we didn’t make any profit at all,” she said.

“So we are asking the committee to compensate us for that loss or give us a refund so we can recover.”

On this issue, Mr Kumar said they had met all stall owners.

“We have visited them and we’ve allowed them to extend their stall boundaries to help them run their businesses efficiently,” he said.

“The wet weather is out of our hands and we have no control over it and we have explained this to stall owners.

“But God has so far blessed us with good weather and we know that businesses from stalls will flow smoothly.”

More stalls have been built to cater for the demand.

The carnival has seven queens, five kings, four teens, five princess contestants and five for the Priscilla crown.

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