Priority on security

WITH thousands of people casting their votes around the country today, Supervisor of Elections Mohammed Saneem has assured the public that all ballot boxes will be safe and under heavy police guard.

“All ballot boxes, once they are returned, they are kept in containers – containers are sealed with FEO seals and then all the containers are kept at the police stations or at our secure facility at Wailekutu,” Mr Saneem said.

He said those polling stations across the road with ballot boxes would be under heavy guard.

“The ones across the road will be under 24-hour police guard and that is the level of security that is exercised.

“?When the seal (on the ballot box) is to be broken, it has to first match the number on the seal that was initially put so there is huge amount of security.”

He said security would be prioritised on ballot boxes and he reassured members of the public that the ballot boxes were safe and secure.

The Elections Office said it would not release specific details of the places where the ballot boxes will be kept because of safety reasons.

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