Prioritise education

IT’S that time of the year again when school comes to a closure.

While there is a lot of plans of what’s going to happen and where we are going, and how to celebrate which all comes down to how much will we spend this festive season.

The very first thought that should be in every parent’s mind is the school next year.

Are we prepared or leave things to the last minute?

This thought usually finds children without school at the beginning of the new school season.

Why don’t we just go school hunting now for our children.

Then comes when we found the school, are all the paperwork or requirements ready. It’s better doing it now than later.

Fijians plan to have a feast during this festive period.

Try saving some money. You will need it later.

What are the kids doing this break?

Why don’t we have quality time with them?

It might be a change.

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