Princess brings relief

WHEN the Lomaiviti Princess III docked at the Muanivanua jetty on Koro island, there was a colllective sigh of relief from the more than 3000 people who reside on the island.

For two weeks, the boat could not dock at Koro Island because of the adverse weather caused by Tropical Depression 08F and Tropical Cyclone Gita.

As a result of the heavy rain, strong winds and raging waves the jetty was partially damaged and the repair works took several days.

Within those two weeks village canteens were running low on basic food items such as cooking oil, sugar and flour.

Villagers in the district of Mudu had to either make the long walk, go on horseback, take a truck ride to shops and canteen in Kade and Nabasovi to purchase those basic necessities.

Mudu villager Tevita Vunileba said the arrival of the ship on February 20 was a relief as now they could sell their dalo before restocking on their basic needs.

“Sometimes when our dalo is not bought, we have no sugar at home and other things which we need, that’s because the boat did not arrive,” said Mr Vunileba.

“We are just happy the boat has finally arrived because now there will be no more long walks,” added Alipate Tiko, the Nakodu Village headman.

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