Prince paternity claim

DENVER – A man serving time in federal prison in Colorado has come forward claiming he is the biological son and legal heir of the late pop star Prince, marking the first paternity claim filed in court since the recording artiste’s death last month.

Lawyers for Carlin Q. Williams, 39, filed a petition in Carver County District Court near Minneapolis objecting to probate of the estate left by Prince, who according to the performer’s sister, Tyka Nelson, left behind no will and no surviving offspring.

The petition seeks a hearing and court order for genetic testing of DNA samples obtained from the late music star.

The petition was accompanied by a sworn affidavit filed by a Missouri woman, Marsha J. Henson, who claims she is Mr Williams’ mother and he was sired by Prince during a tryst she had with the singer in a Kansas City hotel room in July 1976. Ms Henson states she had not had sex with anyone six weeks before she slept with Prince, nor with anyone else before she gave birth to Williams nine months later.

Mr Williams was sentenced in 2014 to seven years in jail after pleading guilty to illegal firearms possession.

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