Primary schools on radar

SEXUAL offences are two times higher in primary schools compared with secondary schools this year.

Reflecting on the results of a survey carried out in schools around the country last year, National Substance Abuse Advisory Council’s chief executive officer Manoa Senikarawa said incidences of assault cases were seven times higher in primary schools compared with secondary schools.

Mr Senikarawa said to date they had received reports of more than 200 offences committed by students in primary schools that were sexual in nature.

He said more than 300 cases took place in secondary schools, adding these were from survey results carried out on 161 high schools and 518 primary schools.

He said cases of cyber bullying involving children were becoming serious in schools and a good example was the incident that happened in a Western school.

Reflecting on the incident, Mr Senikarawa said the girl’s sex video was released into cyberspace by friends of her’s whom she trusted.

Mr Senikarawa said parents needed to teach their children values.

He said the amount of abuse in schools was overwhelming, ranging from sexual to physical and emotional abuse.

He said quality time between parents and their children was becoming scarce.

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