Primary school gala day ends on a high

Jemesa Kubou of Namuaniwaqa Village School on attack against Kasavu Primary School in the U10 match during the Vodafone Primary Schools Gala Day at Albert Park in Suva on Saturday, October 27, 2018. Picture: JONACANI LALAKOBAU

THE Vodafone Fiji National Rugby League (FNRL) Primary School Gala day ended on a high note despite unfavorable weather at Albert Park
in Victoria parade, Suva.

NRL Development manager Ema Levaci said the competition had a slow start but pulled of well during the day.

“We are glad that all the teams are here to participate although we started off slow and were behind schedule nothing has deterred from holding
this tournament, not even the weather.There had been tough matched and surprising upsets but at the end of the day, the kids enjoyed themselves,” said Levaci.

Meanwhile results from the Gala Day:

U10 Boys Finals: Namuniwaqa 4 vs 2 Delainamasi, U12 Boys
Finals: Holy Trinity 0 vs 12 Delainamasi,

U14 Boys Final: Delainamasi 16 vs 16 Gospel
(Winner is Gospel as they scored the first try)

U10 Girls Winner: Delainamasi, U12 Girls Winner – Delainamasi,

U14 Girls Finals: Namuniwaqa 16 vs 16 Delainamasi (winner is Delainamasi as
they scored first try)

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