Price reduction for petroleum and LPG products

The price of unleaded petrol will drop from Monday, April 15, 2019. Picture: ATU RASEA

THERE will be a decrease in prices of unleaded petrol, premix, kerosene, diesel and liquefied petroleum gas products.

This has been confirmed by Fijian Competition and Consumer Commission CEO Joel Abraham during a press conference at his office in Suva yesterday.

The new fuel and LPG prices will come into effect from Monday, April 15.

Mr Abraham said the prices from April 15, 2019, to July 14, 2019, was mainly determined by the movement in the international prices for petroleum and LPG products since the last quarter.

He added the changes in prices for both petroleum and LPG products were also impacted by the unfavourable movement in the international freight rates and the weakening of the US dollar.

Retail Fuel Prices From April 15, 2019 

Motor Spirit – to $2 a litre

Premix – $1.84 a litre

Kerosene – $1.54 a litre
Diesel- $1.82 a litre

LPG Prices From April 15, 2019 

4.5kg cylinder – $12.89

12kg cylinder – $34.37
13kg cylinder – $37.23

Bulk – $2.41 per kg

Auto Gas -$1.62

Source: FCCC 


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