President Waqa hails Nauru, Samoa relations

President of the Republic of Fiji, Jioji Konrote and President of Nauru Baron Waqa together with their wives Louisa Waqa and Sarote Konrote. Photo: Misiona Simo

The President of Nauru Baron Waqa has congratulated Samoa on its 56 years of independence. 

The close ties between Samoa and the Government of Nauru is the reason Waqa is in Samoa to witness this significant event for the people of Samoa.

It is the first time for him to be in Samoa and he could not be happier to show his support.

Speaking to the Sunday Samoan, he shared the importance of independence for each person and nation.

“I am very happy to be here to celebrate your Independence Day. Independence is an important milestone to any country’s history.”

“It means a lot, not just to the people but to everyone who are friends of Samoa like us. We are so happy for Samoa to being the first to gain independence in the Pacific.”

“So you had your 56 years of Independence and that is a great achievement and I am very honoured and pleased to be here,” he said.

Being part of Samoa’s independence was amusing for the President of Nauru because it showcased the true meaning of self-governance.

“I could see great pride and patriotism, the love of the country their beloved nation of Samoa that can be seen in the people and the way they celebrate.”

“To take part in the raising of the flag to witness the activities and the march pass as well as the cultural performances those were very good and enjoyable for me.”

“We always celebrate in different ways and with songs and dance. It is showing what’s inside of you and your feeling, and mainly the celebration for independence and patriotic feeling.”

“A way of showing people around you, your friends, the region and the world that you love your country and that you love Samoa and that is the main thing,” he added.

He believes that culture and religion are the main pillars that hold a society together and both aspects are very strong in Samoa.

“It is good to see that God is always central with everything that the Samoan people do, which is good and that means the faith is strong and when the faith of people is strong then the country would be strong.”

“Samoa is already strong in their traditional culture but religion is an added quality to Samoa’s standards and values, which is a good example to the world.”

Waqa acknowledges their long and ongoing friendship with Samoa that has flourished over the years.

“Samoa is always a very good friend of Nauru, and they have come a long way and as I said before they were the first one to have gain its full independence and sovereignty.”

“Also Nauru has gained its Independence 50 years ago after Samoa. So we are very fortunate to gain our independence as well and later on there were countries that came later, like Fiji and others.”

“Samoa is always an important friend for us and the Pacific.”

He wished Samoa all the best for their future plans.

Meanwhile, Fijian President Jioji Konrote couldn’t have been more honoured to celebrate 56 years of Samoa’s independence.

It’s his first time on Samoa’s shores and also a first for a President of Fiji to be present at the Independence Day celebration.

Konrote was hosted to a traditional welcoming ceremony by the Samoan Fijian community at the University of the South Pacific, Alafua Campus fale last week Also present was the first lady and his delegation.

Konrote mentioned the deep relations the two island nations’ share, which punches above their weight. From climate change, shared economic, social and political interests, he said both Samoa and Fiji play a vital role in the Pacific region.

“The nations of the Pacific stand shoulder to shoulder with you on this day, which is also a celebration of our friendship and solidarity in the face of our many collective challenges, whether it is climate change, the health of our oceans or our duty to provide sustainable development for all our people.”

“We naturally look to Samoa as a vital partner in helping us to meet these challenges,” he said.

“For all our challenges, we look to the future with optimism, knowing that unity, focus, a sense of purpose and sticking together as nations and as people will pull us through.”

“And we share the joy of the Samoan people in the achievements of the Samoan nation over the past 56 years and our confidence that even greater days lie ahead. Whatever happens, you can count on the friendship and support of Fiji and of all of your other neighbours whose representatives are present here today,” he said.


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