President makes health appeal to scouts

President Konrote meets with Simon Frederick of South Australia Scouts Association at the AGM today. Picture: SUPPLIED

CALLING on them to join him on a crusade to create a more healthy country, President Jioji Konrote acknowledge the contribution Fijian scouts had made to the government’s rehabilitation efforts.

Speaking at the opening of the Jean Murray Training Camp on Saturday afternoon, President Konrote thanked the Fiji Scouts Association for its sacrifice and commitment.

“The virtuous deeds you perform every day will improve the lives of those around you,” the president said.

“I encourage you all to persevere with our pledge of service which is in-line with our promise and commitment to continue to work towards achieving our organization’s goals of trust, discipline and brotherhood.”

He said the association had helped to grooming Fiji’s youth.

The camp which took place at the association’s Colo-I-Suva camp included scouts from Australia.

“I encourage all scouts in Fiji to join me in promoting a fit and healthy nation by eating more locally produced and fresh foods, and exercising daily including doing some farming or gardening,” President Konrote said.

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