President calls for togetherness

The chairman of Electoral Commission,Mr Suresh Chandra (right) hands over the writ of elections to the president of Fiji Jioji Konrote at GPH yesterday. Picture: RAMA

DEMOCRACY is something that we must protect, nourish and improve over time, says President Jioji Konrote.

While speaking at the official return of the writ for election by the Fijian Electoral Commission chairperson Suresh Chandra at the Grand Pacific Hotel in Suva yesterday, Mr Konrote said it was his prayer that Fijians would stay true to their calling and work together to make Fiji a beloved nation.

“We have heard a lot of debates and arguments over this past few weeks but now that the campaigning is done we must all come together for the benefit of all our people,” he said.

Mr Konrote added that Fijians must all work together to solve our problems.

The President in accordance to Section 51 of the Constitution and Section 21 of the Electoral Act 2014, on the advice of the Prime Minister had issued the writ for election to the chairperson of the Electoral Commission.

The chairperson of the Electoral Commission would then return the Writ on or before the November 28.

“I am very pleased that I have received the writ for election earlier than expected and would like to commend the hard work of all the individuals,” he added.

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