Preserve your forests, minister tells Suweni villagers

Minister for Forests Osea Naiqamu at Navakuru Village in Cakaudrove. Picture: SUPPLIED

THERE is a growing tendency to harvest trees but there was no initiative taken to replant them.

Fiji’s Minister for Forests Osea Naiqamu noted this as he pleaded with Suweni villagers in Cakaudrove, Vanua Levu, for their cooperation in the protection of forests.

“I am here pleading with you, asking for your assistance to preserve our forests. I am sure you are aware of climate change and the negative effects that it has on our environment. However, with the preservation of our forests, we can help fight against this,” Mr Naiqamu said in a Government statement issued last night.

Mr Naiqamu said this was aligned with Government’s vision in ensuring that more trees were planted for the benefit of the environment and our future generation.

Accompanying the team was the Fiji Pine Trust manager Extension Services Pita Rokobiau who urged the villagers to be mindful of their actions because it would have repercussions for the future generation.

“If you do not preserve your forests or if you do not manage it wisely, the river that you depend on beside your village might not be there in the near future. There might come a time where you would depend on water cart trucks for your water supply if you fail to protect your forest resources,” said Mr Rokobiau.

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