Prepare for the worst, says ex-health minister

Former Health Minister Dr Neil Sharma. Picture: FT FILE

Former Health Minister Dr Neil Sharma says in the face of escalating COVID-19 cases and medical facilities being overwhelmed, it is important Fijians take every possible step to prepare themselves for the worst.

“If you can, stock up on non-perishable items for at least a fortnight, you should,” he said.

“Continue your backyard gardening for food security and physical activities.

“We need only two meals a day, so reduce your meals and eat healthy and try intermittent fasting.”
Dr Sharma also said because of the stress caused by the virus, people should spend time engaged in fulfilling activities.

“Spend time teaching your children on human values – kindness, respect, compassion, empathy, teach children to read and tell stories to improve their vocabulary and public speaking later in life.”
He said people needed to take COVID-safe measures very seriously.

“Use your face masks and sanitizers when out of your “bubble” for groceries and marketing.

“On return from outside your home environment, change your clothes, wash shower and then only cuddle your children and family members.

“Be cautions if neighbors, relatives or members of your family bubble show signs of COVID-19 like cough, fever, muscle pain, diarrhea, loss of taste, smell especially. Seek early medical attention.

“Do not entertain guests or relatives if possible. They can bring infection into your home environment.”

Dr Sharma said smokers should be very cautious as lung disease could worsen their outcome if infected. He also urged people to get vaccinated as soon as possible.

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