Pre-poll Day 1: 15,609 voters expected to vote

Pre-poll starts today and it will be conducted at 138 venues around the country. Picture: File/ BALJEET SINGH

A TOTAL of 15,609 voters are expected to cast their vote today as pre-polling officially starts.

According to Fiji’s Supervisor of Elections, pre-polling will be conducted at 138 venues around the country.

Out these 138 pre-poll venues, 3013 are expected to vote in the Central Division, 4081 in the Western Division, 3055 in the Northern Division and 5460 in the Eastern Division.

By way of division, there are 23 venues in the Central Division, 49 in the Eastern Division, 28 in the Northern Division and 38 venues in the Western Division.

A total of 89 teams were deployed yesterday to conduct pre-poll in these venues.

Mr Saneem said a team, with three election officials and a Police officer, departed from the Nausori Airport yesterday for Rotuma, where pre-poll will be conducted from today until November 8.

“Five ships left from the Government Shipping Yard and Narain Jetty in Suva. The ships for Lau had eight teams (40 election officials), and 20 Police officers.

“The ships for Kadavu had 18 teams (85 Election Officials) and 36 Police Officers and the ship to Lomaiviti had 4 teams (20 Election Officials) and 10 Police Officers,” he said.

For the Central Division, 10 teams have been deployed and three teams will be departing this morning.

For the Western Division, three boats carrying a team of five election officials each departed for the Yasawa Islands and 16 teams have left for the interior of the Western Division.

A helicopter team will also depart today for the Northern Division while another helicopter team will leave for Keiyasi.

For the Northern Division, 14 teams departed at 2pm yesterday for the pre-poll venues in the rural places in the North.

Members of the public can refer to the Fijian Elections Office website to get the timing and list of pre-polling stations.

Click on this link to view list:

Click on this link to view schedule:

Pre-polling will end on Saturday, November 10, 2018.

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