Pre-poll ballot count completed: Fiji Elections

Update: 6:44AM SUPERVISOR of Elections Mohammed Saneem has advised that as at 6am (Fiji time) today, they have completed the count of all pre-poll ballot boxes.

As of now, he said election count officials have approximately
4000 ballots to be counted today.

Since 2pm (Fiji time) yesterday, election officials have announced
around 500 final results.

But data from 1053 polling stations have been entered
into the national tally database so far.

As of 6am (Fiji time) today, the final results processed from 1053
polling stations are as follows:       

Central Division

* 113,954 votes were cast in 342 polling stations 43.60
per cent of total votes

Western Division

* 107,234 candidate votes in 411 polling stations 41.00
per cent of total votes

Northern Division

* 28,099 candidate votes in 201 polling stations 10.80
per cent of total votes

Eastern Division

* 12,087 candidate votes in 99 polling stations 4.60 per
cent of total votes

Altogether,  a total of 261,374
candidate votes have been recorded from the 1053 polling stations.

The counting continues at the national count centre based
at the Vodafone Arena in Suva.


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