Prayers end with spiritual renewable of temple

Labasa Sangam Temple's chief priests pay homage on the spire of the temple's dome also known as the 'Kumbh'. Picture: SUPPLIED

DEVOTEES at the Labasa Sangam Temple ended the Maha Kumbha Abhishekam prayers on Wednesday with the spiritual renewal of the temple.

Observed after every 12 years, chief priests have set the next Maha Kumbha Abhishekam prayers to 2030.

At the temple, chief priests officially ended the prayer on Wednesday with the spiritual cleansing of the temple as they poured holy water on the steeple of the temple’s dome.

Temple chairman Kansami Naicker said they had been receiving an average of 100 devotees daily during the past three days for the morning and afternoon prayer services.

Mr Naicker said the prayers marked the spiritual cleansing of the temple which was done after every 12 years.

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