Prayer for a good Samaritan

A MOTHER of five will need about $1500 to send her children to school after the family lost everything during flash flooding experienced in Labasa early this week.

Marica Seninawanawa of Vulovi in Labasa said they had lost everything.

“The only things that we brought with us to the evacuation centre are a few clothes, blankets and cooking utensils and food,” she said.

Mrs Seninawanawa said they had no time to look around for the children’s school bags and stationery as the water had reached inside their sitting room.

She said she had two children attending primary school and two in secondary school with the youngest in kindergarten.

“My husband is a fisherman and doesn’t go out fishing during this kind of weather and therefore we don’t have money to buy school books, school bags, uniforms and school sandals for our children,” she said.

“All we can do now is pray for a good Samaritan to help us.”

Meri Drauwe, also of Vulovi, said she had seven children who all had to return to school next week, but had lost all their school stationery in the floods.

“I was going to ask for loans from a few friends just so I can send my children to school next week,” she said.

“My husband is a yaqona farmer and right now we cannot find any money to buy all that we have lost in the flood.”

The five families were evacuated to Guru Nanak Khalsa College in Labasa and have been at the centre since Thursday morning.

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