Praising God in song

Sairusi Fulalo explains his life journey during an interview. Picture: SITERI SAUVAKACOLO

Sairusi Fulalo explains his life journey during an interview. Picture: SITERI SAUVAKACOLO

SAIRUSI Fulalo grew up in a strong Christian family with a strong belief he was going to achieve his childhood dream of becoming a medical doctor.

His love for the medical profession started at the tender age of six when he was enrolled into Class One at the St John Anglican School in Wailoku outside Suva.

He later enrolled at Latter-day Saints College in Tamavua and it was not until when he was in Form Five that he found out he could not continue any longer with physics so he opted for food and nutrition instead.

Like any other person with disappointment Sai, as he is commonly known, found out later God had other plans for him and his talent after a 10-year tenure in the tourism industry.

The Macuata native who has maternal links to Tarukua, Cicia in Lau lost his father when he was still in school so his school needs had to be catered for by his elder sister.

He, however, could not complete his secondary education so he opted to look for an employment to assist his mother and his family.

With the little knowledge gained from his food and nutrition class, Sai started afresh at the Outrigger Sunseekers Hotel on Waimanu Rd in Suva.

He was only 17 years old, had no knowledge at all of what employment was about but being the bold and outgoing person he was, decided to take up this offer.

“I could not complete Form Six as mum was sick, dad had passed away so I had no other option but to start looking for work to support mum,” Sai said.

“I did some other jobs before being offered a job as a kitchen hand at Naigani Island Resort, something which was quite hard for me because at the hotel, you have special delicacy to prepare.

“It took me three months to be a kitchen hand and straight after this, I got promoted to become a restaurant waiter and my supervisor back then, Maria Susuwai, was a very good supervisor and she helped me a lot with my experience.”

He admitted Naigani taught him a lot about the value of work and life and he went high up as a front office manager during his six-year-stint with the Tailevu-based resort.

“One day I was sitting down, tears streaming down from my eyes thinking of all the struggles I went through and to be where I am today.”

After spending six years at Naigani, Sai decided to move back to mainland so he took up a few other tourism-related jobs before deciding to spend some time away from work.

It was here that he found out his love for music especially taking part in choir practice, something he had developed a strong liking for growing up as a child.

Beacuse of singing, he would travel from village to village conducting choir practice and would even lead choir groups at singing competitions and other related events.

“While at home, I was more into church choir practice, I had also fallen in love with it while growing up at home, especially growing up in a Christian dominated family. So I always conducted choir practices around my area and I had even gone to the extent of being invited to conduct choir practices as well in many other villages around Viti Levu.”

A while later, he was called for a job interview in one of the renowned hotels in the West but was not successful.

By then, Sai’s love for praising God in song had picked up to an extent that it had breathed into him a new outlook on life.

Late last year, he moved to Lautoka in the hope of securing another employment opportunity. On New Year’s Eve, he joined the church service at the Kapenaumi Methodist Church in Waiyavi, Lautoka.

It was this service that Sai realised he was meant to be God’s servant.

Sai, 37 now plies his trade at the Tappoo shop in Nadi and he believes God has given him another opportunity to grow while enjoying being the choir master at Kapenaumi Church.

“God is waiting for us, all we have to do is connect to him and he will provide everything for us. My talent was not to become a doctor but to be a choir leader and be his servant.

“You can achieve anything in life but without the guidance of the Lord, you will never achieve your dreams, without the Lord, you will never have a smooth sail.”

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