Praise for Suva boxer

SUVA lad Sebastian Singh is the future of professional boxing in Fiji, says Boxing Commission of Fiji director Malakai Veisamasama.

While the sport of professional boxing has been on a steady slide over the years, Veisamasama is envisioning a future with less doom and gloom because of the relentless commitment being displayed by young Singh.

“Three weeks ago on a cold and rainy afternoon, I was travelling down Brown Street when I saw somebody jogging. I couldn’t see who it was because the guy had a hood on. I was forced to ask my driver to turn round because I wanted to see who it was,” he said.

“The guy was Sebastian Singh. I said to myself, he doesn’t even have a fight coming up and yet he’s training in such weather conditions.”

Singh fights in the lightweight division. He has a four-win and a loss record on including two wins by knockout.

“He is the best prospect we have right now and that’s my personal opinion. He has the potential to fly the Fiji flag in future.” Veisamasama said.

He said since boxing was a “barbaric-type sport”, it was mandatory for boxers to remain disciplined and committed to training.

“It gives me a sense of comfort that we have some boxers like him (Singh) trying to find the right path. In that regard, we will always have Junior Farzan Ali up there too. You give him a fight and he will definitely come prepared.

“Boxing in Fiji will get heaps better if we have seven-eight more Sebastians and Farzans because gone are the days when you start training after signing for a fight,” Veisamasama said.

Singh turned professional in 2013.

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