Practitioners raise concern on Men C vaccination program

THE Fiji College of General Practitioners (FCGP) has raised concerns on why all Fijians are not covered under the State’s mass vaccination program as prevention against the life-threatening meningococcal disease outbreak in the country.

FCGP president Dr John Fatiaki said the general practitioners did not support the program because it does not cover some age groups who were vulnerable to the disease.

“I would say (it) defeats the purpose, but it’s bad in a sense that it does not protect the children under two who are also very susceptible to meningococcal disease,” Dr Fatiaki said.

“I personally, and as president of the college do not support the idea of the mass vaccination program for meningococcal disease. I thought the intention of the ministry (Health Ministry) was good. They (ministry) wanted to do something, but I think that’s not such a good idea. “Therefore, if we are going to immunise, than I think you should cover everybody and if your program cannot cover everybody because the vaccine you are using is not appropriate for those under two or whatever, than if your program does not cover everybody, than what happens to these people, they should get vaccinated too.”

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