Power to unite

The Fiji Sports Media Association symposium outlined some important facts and significant roles that sports journalists play in the country.

Permanent secretary of Youth and Sports Maritino Nemani said sports play a vital role in our community in uniting people.

“As sports journalists, you play a vital role in our nation because you convey the message to the people on what is happening and what you report has an impact to the people and a good example is the Rio Olympics win and celebration that brought everyone together and that is the power that sports journalists have in uniting people,” said Nemani.

Sports journalists and cub journalists from USP were part of the symposium as guest speakers and National Sports Federations representatives gathered with the reporters to discuss issues that can improve and lift the standard of match reporting, coverage and a good relationship between them for a better coverage for the people.

Nemani said the journalists needed to enjoy and love their job in order to give the public a great coverage in sports happening around the country.

“You need to have passion for your job and with that passion you will attract the public with your stories and passion comes with sacrifices,” Nemani said.

The two-day symposium which started yesterday will finish today with various guest speakers with historical sports reporting background addressing the reporters and also on photography presentation.

The guest speakers yesterday were freelance journalist and former parliamentarian Matai Akauola and Shalendra Singh, the head of journalism at USP.

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