Power to the teacher

Investing in teachers is indeed investing in our future.

The role of teachers is one we must carefully scrutinise, especially their ability to be effective in their teaching methods.

Good teachers have mastered the skill of grabbing and holding the attention of a class and students, are convincing in ideas they try to get across, and are influencial in drawing out the discipline and good character in a student.

Which is exactly why the job of teaching is one that cannot be, or should not be, tasked to just anyone.

It is a role far too important to be taken lightly.

Hence the theme of “Invest in the future, invest in teachers” is really a call to be selective of the quality of our teachers today.

Anyone can graduate from teaching school and begin a career in the classroom, mentoring people of all ages by the book.

But a teaching role goes far deeper than that. Somewhat similar to the nursing profession, the ability and skills required to teach well stems from the heart, because a big part of their work deals with students’ minds and character. It takes a dedicated and committed person to take on this challenging role and make it work.

A good teacher gets through to his/her students and is able to command their respect.

So how do we produce “the best teachers in the world” for our children?

If a teacher’s output is limited to the quality of their education, their training and support from stakeholders, as School Management Association of Fiji national president Govind Singh puts it, then these are the very areas we need to tackle first to ensure we churn out the ideal personalities and intellects we consider to be “the best teachers”.

We must indeed create an environment conducive to this goal for people pursuing a teaching career. And we must support them all the way.

Commitment from teachers themselves is a powerful tool which equips them for the challenges of the teaching profession and enables them to guide, support, encourage and influence students successfully.

Advising teachers to be mindful of their tasks and responsibilities on World Teachers Day is well and good, but if teachers lack commitment, nor are they supported and motivated, then students, our children, will lose out in the field of advanced learning.

This is where teacher training institutions must aggressively push to advance teachers with support from stakeholders, the community and government.

Teachers are a special group of professionals who must be trained, empowered, supported, protected and well paid to be the “best teachers for our children” that we desire.

A happy and blessed Teachers Day to all our hardworking teachers. We appreciate and acknowledge the tremendous sacrifices, dedication, guidance, support and encouragement you provide. Thank you.

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