Power cuts

I wonder why the writer of the article, “Power cuts” published in The Fiji Times on Monday, April 2, 2018 finds it, “rather odd for FEA to do planned upgrades during a long weekend”.

I suppose he did not read the printed advertisement in the Fiji Sun on Saturday, March 24, 2018, which clearly stated that, “this critical work (maintenance) was needed to be carried out over a long weekend as the exercise was time consuming (with teams working round-the-clock in shifts) and the electricity demand being lower than on a normal working day”.

It is rather unfortunate that the tropical depression developed into a Category 1, Cyclone Josie within a short duration of time.

As a result of the approaching Cyclone Josie, Fiji experienced torrential rain and gusty wind, especially in the Western Division. Sure enough, the power cuts were not because of FEA’s planned maintenance work, but because of Tropical Cyclone Josie and the associated floods and gusty wind.

Hope the above clarifies.

Sobo, Allen!

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