Poultry farm income

VILLAGERS of Vesidrua in Macuata have now turned to poultry farming as they look for another source of income to help with developments in the village.

Village headman Penaia Valevesi said they had always relied on fishing and yaqona farming as their main source of income.

“We found that chicken farming is a profitable business,” he said.

Mr Valevesi said they planted yaqona throughout the years, but still felt they needed their business to grow so they turned to poultry farming.

“We found out that operating such businesses would help with developments in the village,” he said.

“I have advised villagers to work together in unity as this is the only way we can help with developments.”

Mr Valevesi said they had involved their youths, who would be responsible for taking care of the chicken farms.

“Having this chicken farm business would, in a way, help us contribute to the vanua and also to our respective families,” he said.

“We have more developments in place for the village, like getting more water tanks available in times of any water shortage and our contribution for the vanua and the church.”

Mr Valevesi said the chicken farm business would earn them more money for developments.

“This whole idea of operating our chicken farm business came about during a leadership training that we had in the village early this week,” he said.

“The training motivated us, especially leaders, to lead our villagers by example and work towards operating a business and to see it grow.”

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