Post-TC Winston: Three years on, islanders remain under makeshift shelters

A tarpaulin is tied around this house in Tuatua, Koro Island, to protect this family from natural elements. Picture: SIKELI QOUNADOVU

THREE years after Severe Tropical Cyclone Winston made landfall in February, 2016, a number of Koro islanders are still living in makeshift shelters.

Some have been forced to tie and or nail tarpaulins on the frames of their incomplete homes to protect them from the elements – the sun, wind and rain.

The delay in delivery of housing materials by hardware stores is taking its toll on families, particularly with the discomfort of shifting from corner to corner inside their shelter to avoid the rain during a heavy downpour.

About 50 homes from 13 villages have yet to be rebuilt because materials requested to lay the foundation of the houses have yet to arrive.

Fiji’s Minister for Fisheries Semi Koroilavesau was on the island last week and saw first-hand the villagers’ state of affairs there.

He attributes the lack of rehabilitation progress of this Government initiative to the delay in the delivery of materials.

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