Post-TC Keni: Six northern roads remain closed

Update: 2:39PM SIX roads remain closed in the Northern Division.

A Fiji Roads Authority statement at 8am today has advised that the roads include:

– Nasarava Road – Nasarava Road underwater – FRA monitoring flood level

– Qelemumu Road – Qelemumu Crossing – FRA monitoring flood level

– Nakorotari Road – Navakuru Crossing underwater – FRA monitoring flood level

– Nakelikoso Road – Nubu Crossing underwater – Awaiting water to recede

– Nakelikoso Road – RP 2000 – Impassable due to pavement failures

-Banikea/Kavula Road – Banikea Crossing underwater – Awaiting flood waters to recede.

The authority has urged members of the public to stay off flooded roadways and to refrain from driving into water of unknown depth and current because this can be life-threatening.

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