Post Fiji set for milestone celebration

Post Fiji Pte Ltd chief executive officer Dr Anirudha Bansod. Picture: ABISHEK CHAND/FILE

The Fiji Post Office is set to celebrate its 150 year anniversary in December according to CEO Dr Anirudha Bansod.

In an interview with this paper the CEO said Post Fiji 150 year anniversary was a big milestone and was one of the institutes which have been serving to the community for many decades.

“Time has definitely changed and we all know that as every generation, there is always change happening,” he said.

“And this change is quite constant, some people adopt it very quickly, some people take a while to adopt those changes.

“If you see the consumer behaviour over a period of time has been changed as well and with the initiation of the technology used into the communication a lot of people have moved from the traditional manual driven communication to the digitized communication.”

He added one of the biggest challenges for Post Fiji was how it could cater to the needs of the generation X and Generation Y, who were looking for more digitized services.

“These are the generation who are looking for a one stop shop communication and services from postal businesses.

“A lot of people have the perception that the postal services don’t exist or are probably dying. But I am of the that view over a period of time that Post Fiji or even the Postal Service’s has a lot of opportunities if it has been harnessed and harvested properly.”

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