Possible coalition

Freedom Alliance Party president Reverend Timoci Volavola. Picture: JONA KONATACI/FILE

A POSSIBLE post-election coalition is looming between the Freedom Alliance Party and the Social Democratic Liberal Party (SODELPA).

Freedom Alliance Party president the Rev Timoci Volavola said the party had been having discussions with their opposition counterpart of a possible merge after the coming polls.

According to Mr Volavola, party officials have met with SODELPA officials, including some of its executives about the matter.

“We met last week to discuss about our coalition after election,” he said.

“We are yet to sign an agreement. “We were supposed to sign it last week, but I think it will be sometime soon. We will be forming a coalition after.”

Mr Volavola said the two parties also discussed other matters relating to a possible election coalition.

He said the party would also be discussing about a post-election coalition with other opposition parties. When contacted last night, SODELPA general secretary Adi Litia Qionibaravi said she was away in Tailevu and could not comment on the matter.

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