Pop up a treat

IF you love popcorn then there is very good news for you.

You no longer need to run over to your nearest cinema house or wait for special events like carnivals to enjoy your favourite snack anymore.

Thanks to Yoki — customers can now enjoy tasty popcorn which is available in five mouth-watering flavours right at the comfort of their homes and offices and in the company of family, friends and colleagues respectively.

“All you need is a microwave oven and your preferred flavour of Yoki popcorn to turn dull moments into instant delight with family and friends and the festive atmosphere would be a perfect way to pop-up a treat,” Motibhai Group marketing manager Abraham Gomes said.

“With Yoki, everyone gets to enjoy freshly made popcorn as the five different flavours namely chocolate, natural salted, natural 37 percent less fat, natural unsalted and butter is suffice to take care of every taste bud and individual liking,” Mr Gomes added.

A product of General Mills, one of the most trusted and renowned food companies in the world, Yoki Popcorn is now available at all leading supermarkets and stores Fiji-wide.

“At last, people can choose the popcorn of their choice as everyone has their own favourite flavours in mind for such treats,” Mr Gomes said.

He said it was hard to describe the fresh and crispy taste of Yoki popcorn in words so customers need to try their flavour of choice today.

“We take this opportunity to wish everyone a very blessed and happy festive season.”

Yoki popcorn and other world renowned brands of food products from General Mills are distributed in Fiji by Motibhai Group — touching your lives with quality products.

Direction of use / cooking instructions

1. Remove the plastic covering from the package and place it in the microwave with the side facing up as shown in the packet.

2. Set the time for the popcorn to pop — between two and five minutes depending on the power of your microwave. Stay close to the microwave and listen carefully. When the time between the pops is no longer than two second, turn off the oven.

3. Take the package out of the microwave and open it by pulling the top corners. Be careful while opening, the steam will be very hot — enjoy!.

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